Weyt-kp Yiri7 t'ucw e st7imcws re tmicw

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The seventeen Secwepemc Bands, which represent the Shuswap Nation, declare to work in unity to preserve, record, perpetuate and enhance the Secwepemc Language, History, and Culture by:

Collecting and recording the memoirs of Secwepemc elders;
Recording and documenting the Secwepemc Language to its fullest;
Researching documents, records, books, and notes on the use and management in precolonial eras, of land and resources;
Facilitating the collection and display of contemporary and historical Secwepemc artifacts and archival materials;
Initiating and promoting projects directed towards collection and preservation of contemporary documents resulting in and reflecting contemporary Secwepemc developments;
Developing Secwepemc Language curriculum projects that impart, primarily to Secwepemc students, practical technological knowledge, Secwepemc history, culture and language
Establishing a working committee, answerable to Secwepemc bands, to initiate and carry out the mandate outlines above, and to secure appropriate funds.

In order to be fluent some say you need to know 8000 words. (Link is broken)

Here are some Secwepemc terms:

How Are You?
Lé7en K t̓ucw?
Thank You

The Secwepemc alphabet has 43 letters, see the chart below. The borrowed English alphabet was used to develop the Secwepemc alphabet. Although there are only 26 letters in the English alphabet, linguists combined letters of the English alphabet to represent the sounds of the Secwepemc alphabet in the early 1970’s. Even though the English alphabet has been used, the pronunciation of those letters is phonetically different.

Secwepemc people and others wishing to learn more about the language should contact the Secwepemc Cultural Education Society for further information to language studies.

For further information contact:

Language Coordinator
Secwepemc Cultural Education Society
E3-750 Cottonwood Avenue
Kamloops, BC V2B 3X2
Phone: (250)376-0903
Fax: (250)376-2133